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Little Frosties' Brain Club

Little Frosties' Brain Club

Expand your little one’s mind with curriculum enrichment at our Little Frosties' Brain Club.

 20th April, 4th May, 18th May & 1st June 

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Do you want your little one to develop important skills while having fun? Look no further! Hosted by local author and award-winning teacher Rob Plumbly, our Little Frosties' Brain Club is designed to help your child discover their passions, unlock their full potential, and encourage independent learning and creativity.

This curriculum enrichment will provide fun and engaging practical learning in academic and extracurricular subjects such as English, Maths and Art, as well as supporting your child’s personal development by building teamwork and communication skills.

Don't miss out on the opportunity to give your child an extraordinary experience outside of school that is not only about practical learning, but also about developing new skills, building confidence, and making new friends.

Every Little Frosties Brain Club session will include a themed lesson with fun creative exercises and team-building games, plus two home tasks set each week, which the children can submit online or bring with them to the next lesson. 

Suitable for ages 5-11 (11am -1pm)

This is an independent group class, a Frosts events colleague will remain with the children throughout. 




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