• Gardening Workshops

    Gardening Workshops

    Whether you are a beginner gardener or an avid horticulturist, our expert-led courses will help you cultivate your green thumb. These courses will be available at Woburn Sands & Willington.

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Join us for an exciting series of adult gardening workshops led by Pat from Foliage and Fern. Whether you're a seasoned gardener or just starting, there's something for everyone to learn and enjoy.

Each workshop includes a slice of cake with either tea or coffee.


 - Learn from experienced gardener Pat who will share her knowledge and tips for gardening success.

- Get your hands dirty and gain practical skills through interactive workshops.

- Meet fellow gardening enthusiasts and share your passion for plants in a friendly and supportive environment.

- Leave each workshop with your creations to enjoy at home and show off your newfound skills.

Upcoming Workshops -

Kitchen Garden Planters: Bring the flavours of the garden into your kitchen with your very own herb planter. Learn how to grow and care for a variety of culinary herbs, perfect for adding fresh taste to your meals.

Woburn Sands: 25th April

Willington: 23rd April

Summer Hanging Baskets: Add a burst of colour and life to your outdoor space with beautiful hanging baskets. Discover the secrets to creating stunning arrangements that thrive all summer long.

Woburn Sands: 23rd May

Willington: 21st May

Rose Talk & Demonstration: Enjoy an insightful discussion about roses offering a delightful blend of fascinating insights and practical demonstration. Discover the rich history and diverse varieties of roses while learning essential care tips to nurture these timeless beauties in your garden.

Woburn Sands: 13th June

Willington: 11th June

Balcony Planting: Transform your balcony into a green oasis! Learn the best plants and techniques for maximising space and creating a lush garden retreat outside your door.

Woburn Sands: 18th July

Willington: 16th July

Autumn Wreath Class: Embrace the beauty of autumn with our hands-on wreath-making class. Using seasonal foliage and materials, create a unique wreath to adorn your home while learning about the significance of autumn flora.

Woburn Sands: 12th September

Willington: 10th September

Allotment Gardening: Discover the joys and rewards of allotment gardening. Whether you're a beginner or a seasoned gardener, this workshop will provide you with practical advice on planning, planting, and maintaining your own allotment space.

Woburn Sands: 17th October

Willington: 15th October