Lifetime Hardy Plant Guarantee

Guaranteed to grow - our promise to you

We believe the hardy plants, trees and shrubs sold by us to be healthy, true to name and in good condition for planting. Nevertheless, should your plant fail we will provide you with a replacement plant – without exception, to the value of your original purchase, simply show us a photo of the plant (no need to return it). Proof of purchase is required.

Full Terms & Conditions

•Proof of purchase is required
•Proof of condition of plant required (either by returning plant or from a photograph)
•The plant must have received good care, including pest and disease control measures and not have been subjected to drought
•We reserve the right to withdraw the guarantee at any time without notice
•If we are unable to satisfy ourselves that the plant in question was purchased from Frosts or that it has received good care, we reserve the right to refuse to process your request