• Barbecues, Fire Bowls and Outdoor Heating

    Barbecues, Fire Bowls and Outdoor Heating

    Host unforgettable summer nights in your own back garden with our epic range of barbeques and outdoor heating.

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Types of barbecues

Do you live near one of our garden centres and are you looking for the perfect barbecue for your garden? We have got everything you are looking for! We’ve got a huge variety of barbeuces and accessories in stores, but you are also available to order online. A few of the barbecues we sell at Frosts Garden Centres are:
Charcoal barbecues, famous for giving food the traditional smoky flavour, but it takes a little while for them to heat up to the right temperature for cooking food. This type of barbecue is often relatively cheap, so very approachable for beginners.
Gas barbecues heat up instantly so you can cook food right away! Often a little more expensive than charcoal barbecues, but very quick and easy in use.
Smokers, which are quite different from traditional barbecues because the meat does not come in direct contact with the source of the heat. It takes a little longer for the food to cook but the exquisite taste makes it all worth it!

Barbecue equipment and more!

Not only the best barbecues are to be found at Frosts Garden Centres, we have also got all the equipment you need to create the perfect homemade barbecue meal! Flame resistant basting brushes, spatula’s, grip thongs and even entire tool sets, all to help you prepare the best food you can. These tools and others are available in our garden centres.

Barbecues for the tastiest meals at Frosts Garden Centres

At Frosts Garden Centres we have got everything you need to cook the perfect barbecue meal! The barbecue itself, the tools you need, and more is available online or in one of our garden centres in Woburn Sands, Brampton, Willington and Millets Farm, Oxfordshire. All our locations are opened seven days a week, so feel free to pay us a visit whenever you want! Discover which of our barbecues is best suited for you and your garden, at Frosts Garden Centres!