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    Ensure your beautiful garden furniture stays protected from the outdoor elements with our protective covers. Shop our range of garden furniture accessories to make your sets come to life.

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Garden Furniture Covers & Accessories at Frosts Garden Centre

Placing your outdoor furniture under covers and placing accessories, such as outdoor pillows, in a storage box contributes to a longer lifespan of your garden furniture pieces and accessories and safeguards their high quality.

Whether you have a dining set, lounge set, firepit set or egg chair, we have the garden furniture accessories and covers to compliment your outdoor furniture perfectly.

Protect your garden furniture

The wicker, metal and wooden garden furniture sets at Frosts Garden Centres are designed to endure rain and different temperatures, but to keep the quality of your furniture at an optimum it is best to cover them when they will not be used, for example in the winter. While you can store the furniture in a garage, there is a simpler way to protect it: using garden furniture covers. Garden furniture covers provide several advantages:

  • Covers protect your furniture against inclement weather, damage and dirt. While a big share of our outdoor furniture pieces are designed to be able to withstand the forces of nature, other external factors, such as the acids in bird excrement, can damage the furniture pieces and cut back their lifespan
  • Another advantage of using covers instead is that you do not need to move the furniture pieces when you don’t plan to use them for a while, you can simply leave them in position and place covers over them
  • In our assortment of storage and covers at Frosts Garden Centres, we offer an extensive range of furniture covers in different shapes and sizes to protect every outdoor furniture piece

Garden furniture covers and storage boxes

At Frosts Garden Centres, we offer a wide range of high-quality garden furniture, accessories and barbecues. While some of our garden furniture sets and pieces come with their own cover, you can also purchase loose covers and storage boxes to protect your garden furniture and decoration from damage and slow down their deterioration. Preserve the quality of your garden furniture from s KettlerBramblecrest4 Seasons or one of our other renowned brands with storage and covers.