• Our History at Frosts

    Our History

    As a family run business, Frosts has remained a central part of local communities for over 75 years. With warm and friendly colleagues, beautiful restaurants and a diverse product offering, Frosts has become synonymous with quality and style in gardening.

- 1946 -

In 1946, some 75 years ago, Vera Frost, bought a small plant nursery in Woburn Sands.

She did this partly because she and her husband, Harvey, were both keen gardeners, but principally because after he had fought in the Second World War, Vera was keen that Harvey would not have to go back to his job working in insurance in London.



Woburn Sands nursery opens to the public

The nursery struggled for many years (Harvey reinvested a fair amount of the modest takings with various bookmakers at Newmarket and Ascot) and times were tough until Harvey’s sons, Brian, and Adrian, joined the family business.

Brian opened the nursery to the public and set up one of the country’s first garden centres, originally concentrating on growing just tomatoes and chrysanthemums. These were grown in glass houses and fields on the land now used for car parking.

Willington store is opened

Brian then partnered with the Godber family to develop Willington in 1972, they had owned the Willington site since the late 1890s, operating it as a successful wholesale nursery before it became a garden centre.

The partnership is celebrating fifty years of inspiring the local community to get involved in gardening.


Frosts Landscapes

Adrian Frost meanwhile created the Frosts Landscape Construction company, once again delivering high standards paving the way for success and a fine reputation in a highly competitive field.

James & Jeremy Frost

Three generations later the Frosts family no longer have any involvement in the landscape business but are still very much involved in the garden centres.

James & Jeremy, the Frost brothers consider themselves to be privileged to now be at the helm and are both immensely proud at how the business has developed over the past 75 years.

With Thanks...

Frosts would not be the success that it is today without the help and support of all our customers and long-suffering colleagues. It sounds clichéd, but the fact of the matter is that Frosts would not be the success that it is today without the help and support of each one of you. Thank you.