Restaurant FAQ's

What time is your Woburn Sands Milton Keynes restaurant open?

Check out our Woburn Sands Restaurant page for opening times.


What time is your Willington, Bedford restaurant open?

Check out our Willington Restaurant page for opening times.


Do you serve breakfast?

We serve breakfast in Woburn Sands, and we also serve breakfast in Bedford, in our Willington restaurant.


Do you serve brunch?

We’re pleased to announce we now serve Brunch in both our stores, so if you’re looking for Brunch in Milton Keynes or Brunch in Bedford, look no further!


Do you offer coffee & cake?

Absolutely! If you’re looking for cake and coffee in Milton Keynes or cake and coffee in Bedford, we’ve got the perfect restaurant locally.


Are you a dog friend restaurant?

We are pleased to confirm we’re happy to allow all well-behaved dogs in our restaurants. Whilst we are, and always have been, dog friendly restaurants, there are certain areas of the restaurants that we don’t allow your playful pooches so if you’re not sure, please ask one of our helpful Frosties.


Do you offer private events/private dining/party catering?

Yes, we do, in fact we’ve got a few different private dining rooms in Milton Keynes – these are only available in our Woburn Sands store. We offer private dining afternoon tea, private dining events and more.


Are you a private funeral wake venue?

We do hold wakes / funeral receptions, or celebrations of life as we like to call them. With our fabulous private catering team to hand, we can give your loved ones the send-off they deserve.


Do you host baby showers in Milton Keynes?

At our Woburn Sands store, not only does we offer baby showers in our private dining room, but we also offer our venue for anniversary celebrations, bridal showers, birthday celebrations, christenings & naming ceremonies and celebrations of life.


Do you offer both Afternoon Tea and High Tea?

Yes, we offer Afternoon Tea and High Tea in Milton Keynes, at our Woburn Sands restaurant.

We offer Afternoon tea in Bedford, at our Willington restaurant.


Can you cater to vegetarians, vegans and other dietary requirements?

We offer gluten free breakfast, gluten free brunch, gluten free lunch, gluten free cakes and more! A lot of our options we can provide a gluten free alternative for.

We also offer vegan breakfast, vegan brunch, vegan lunch, vegan cake and more. Several of our menu options, we can provide a vegan alternative to.

We are very stringent with our allergy checks. We ask that you flag any allergies with our team so we can be extra cautious, but we can usually cater to all allergens. If you’re not sure or would like to discuss this with our team, please contact us at


Do you offer locally sourced food?

Where possible, we try to utilise our in-house butcher, Woburn Country Foods. Woburn Country Foods butchers are local to Bedford, Bedfordshire and so are local to Milton Keynes and therefore provide us with a lower carbon footprint.


Do you provide pottering painting in Milton Keynes?

Our new Lilly Pots Pottery Painting is available in our Milton Keynes restaurant.