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How to care for Peonies

How to care for Peonies

Caring for Peonies may seem like it could be a very overwhelming job, they're so beautiful so they must take a lot of looking after right? 

Wrong. Peonies are not only beautiful but extremely easy to look after! Follow these tips and soak up all the information below to learn how to grow your own peonies to perfection. 

When and Where to Plant 

Aim to plant peonies in full sun, ensuring they are planted in fertile soil. You can improve the soil by adding garden compost or manure. Peonies will be fine in most soils including clay, but remember to make sure the soil does not get waterlogged in the winter or too dry in the summer. As peonies are quite large plants, you must ensure that you give them enough room to grow. Aim to give the plant around a square meter of space away from any other plants. Peonies sold in pots are best planted in late spring, whilst bare-rooted plants do best when planted in late autumn. 

How To Plant

  1. Dig a hole the same depth as the plant and twice as wide
  2. Place in the hole and ensure that you keep the top of the hole level with the bottom of the stem of the plant. Planting too deeply will result in poor growth results. 
  3. cover the hole with soil and water regularly, particularly through the summer months, but avoid overwatering!
  4. make sure to mulch with well-rotted organic matter 


Remember that Peonies are often slow to grow and produce flowers, so try to buy the largest peony you can find and afford to get the best display as soon as possible. We have a gorgeous range of well-established potted Peonies available at our centres. keep your eyes peeled for our range from Primrose Hall, as these are too beautiful to miss!