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Caribbean and Rum Supper Club

Caribbean and Rum Supper Club

Last Thursday we held our Caribbean and Rum supper club at our Market Kitchen! 

This was an evening full of fun and delicious food, influenced by the delicious flavours of Caribbean cooking. To start the evening off with a bang, our guests were welcomed with a punchy daiquiri made with Merser rum. This was paired with a Jamaican spiced jumbo king prawn skewer with plantain fritters.


For the main guests were treated to jerk chicken served with rice and peas. There was certainly no holding back on the portions as our guests tucked into a hearty whole chicken served on a sharing platter along with the rice and peas. The spicy flavours of the Caribbean really stole the show and were washed down nicely with a dark and stormy cocktail made with plantation rum.

To finish off the evening and leave everyone feeling as merry as possible, we served a boozy pudin de pan with Duppy Share aged rum. This was a rich and comforting classic that finished off the evening in style!