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Our Inspiration Gardens

Every year, our talented horticulture and visual merchandising teams create the most amazing inspirational gardens in-store, to help our customers get ideas for what they can do in their own gardens. This year the team have created a range of captivating displays to inspire our customers this Summer. 

Wildlife Garden

Creating an outdoor space for wildlife to thrive is surprisingly easy to do, and can be very rewarding. The first step in any wildlife garden is to choose an array of wildflowers to attract pollinators. Bright flowers with enticing petals are a sure way of attracting wildlife to your garden. Our team created a woodland paradise with wildflowers and wooden structures, creating the perfect environment for wildlife to thrive. 



Cottage Garden

Creating a countryside escape in your own back garden all begins with choosing a sweeping colour pallette of wildflowers and textured plants. From climbing wisteria to whimsical foxgloves, a natural look will help your garden transport you to the quintessential English countryside. 


Sensory Garden

Creating a sensory garden is all about igniting the senses, with rustling leaves and the relaxing sounds of water trickling, adding tranquillity to your garden can give you a space to truly relax after a long day. With leafy palms and textured grasses, create height and interest to bring your garden to life!


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