James Frost - My Blog - Two different types of sweet pea...

James Frost - My Blog - Two different types of sweet pea...

Sweet peas got a mention in my first blog back in February. And they are front of mind once again, as I find myself pre-occupied with two different types of sweet pea - the multicoloured, fragrant cottage garden favourite and my grand-daughter,  Jessica, who lives in Zurich but is making her first visit to UK this Easter weekend.

Jessica is already a blaze of colour and is on occasion also very fragrant. The other sweet peas in my life, the horti ones, are not developing at quite the same rate and are a great deal quieter, but they should be taller than Jessica in 4-6 weeks’ time. Both will need help standing for the next few weeks and will benefit greatly from regular feeding. They are also both sure to more than repay the care, love and attention they receive along the way.

My sweet peas grew on well in the greenhouse and managed to dodge the mousey menace.  I pinched the tops out in mid - March to encourage strong side shoots and planting took place 10 days ago. I kept them fleeced during the cold nights we experienced last week – this may have been over cautious, they should be fine down to minus 5, and unlike Jessica, they actually respond well to being somewhat neglected. But better safe than sorry.

Happy gardening, enjoy the fabulous weather and have a great Easter