Create your own edible garden with this guide to growing your own herbs! 

What you will need:

An apron for you and the kids

Large bag/bucket of clean compost

Set of children’s gardening tools

Window box – wood or metal

4 or 5 fresh herbs from the garden or potted from the supermarket

1 watering can or large jug of water

Cover your kitchen table with old newspaper to avoid mess from the compost, and you should all wear aprons as you’re bound to get mucky!


  1. Take your window box and pierce holes in the bottom. This will help water to drain out.
  2. Let your kids fill the boxes half full with fresh compost, they love getting their hands dirty
  3. Next, trowel through the compost to allow lots of air to flow through the soil.
  4. Once half full, get the kids to choose some herbs from the garden, or simply remove the herbs from their pots ready to plant inside the box.
  5. Each box should contain about 5 plants. Some of our favourites are Basil, Mint, Chives, Coriander, Parsley, Thyme, Rosemary, Oregano and Sage.
  6. Once you and your kids have chosen your herbs and arranged them in your box, allow them to fill the box up to the top and pack in the rest of the compost.
  7. Now your herb garden is finished, find a place for it to live in your garden that has plenty of sunlight.
  8. Finally – the fun part – grab a watering can and sprinkle your herb garden with water! Remember to water regularly.