• Compost Drive-Thru at Frosts

    Compost Drive-Thru

    Visit our Compost Drive-thru at Woburn Sands and our team will carry and load compost and heavy gravel into your car, so you don't have to! Find us located at the back of our car park. 

Compost Drive-Thru

Our Compost and Gravel Drive-Thru facilities are now open at both stores, this is an easy and hassle-free way to purchase and collect heavy products without having to worry about lifting or carrying.


Daily - Woburn Sands 

So make sure to stop by next time you visit!

  1. Follow the signs to our Compost Drive-Thru
  2. Choose which compost or gravel you would like to purchase
  3. Pay for your items at the kiosk
  4. A member of staff will then load the compost or gravel into the back of your car
  5. Drive away happy with your new purchases!