Traeger invented the original wood-fired grill over thirty years ago, since becoming the number one barbeque brand for wood-fired grills. Cook delicious food consistently with maximum control over the wood pellets, giving you a delicious rich wood-fired flavour. 

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Traeger is known for their wood pellet grills, using all-natural hardwood pellets they add mouthwatering wood-fired flavour to all of your food.  All of the pellets used and sold by Traeger are made from virgin hardwood, that does not contain unnatural additives ensuring clean and perfect flavour, with no worry about where the wood has come from and if it has any nasty chemicals in it. The Traeger hardwood pellets add the right amount of moisture to maintain the perfect burn-to-smoke ratio. Traeger is also a brand focused on sustainability, they often use sawdust from clean hardwood that would otherwise go to waste. 

Where possible, we utilize the sawdust from clean, green hardwood that would otherwise go to waste to make our pellets. Traeger offers a wide range of different flavoured wood pellets to help bring out the different flavours of the meat and dishes you create on the barbecue. 

With Traeger barbecues you have the ability to grill, roast, smoke, bake, braise and barbecue all on one grill, allowing you to expand your cooking techniques and try out new recipes with ease. With the ability to cook a wide range of dishes using different techniques, you can cook hot and fast or slow and low, so Traeger barbecues are really versatile. The easy set-up of the grill allows you to get barbecuing quicker, whilst the convection heating process removes any flareups. 

Traeger barbecues also offer a set-it and forget-it convenience feature on all pellet grills. This feature allows you to set the temperature of the barbecue and keep it controlled at this temperature throughout cooking. This makes it easy for anyone to cook on a Traeger barbecue no matter their cooking ability, the oven-like controls makes cooking on a wood-fired barbecue easy and fun. The consistent temperature control allows you to get precise and consistent results. This allows the barbecuer to focus on the flavour and the cooking, rather than being distracted by the fire.