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    Make barbecuing look easy with these industry-leading Grillstream barbecues and grills. With unique patented technology, Grillstream products will become your new best friend.


Grillstream barbeques are made so anyone can cook on a barbeque, no matter their cooking abilities. With unique patented technology, Grillstream barbeques create healthy food with amazing flavour with their dual grill system. Grillstream barbeques also have a revolutionary hybrid system so you can choose between gas or charcoal in one barbeque. Shop our range of Grillstream barbeques online and in-store now! 



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Grillstream barbeques are an industry-leading revolutionary barbecue brand offering patented barbecue technology on all of their products, making them stand out amongst the rest of the market. First launched in 2009, and appearing on Dragon's Den, Grillstream has become an ever-increasing popular barbecue brand.

The patented Grillstream technology streams away from the fats and juices from the meats whilst barbecuing, stopping flare-ups reducing mess and creating healthier food. Flare-ups from normal barbecues can taint the flavour of your food, adding acrid smoke to whatever you're cooking. The barbecued food becomes much more succulent as the juices evaporate up through the meat, basting the food with delicious barbecue flavour. The patented Grillstream technology allows for the fat and juices to be steamed away into a collection cup, this means that the juices are not coating the inside of your barbecue like normal barbecues, resulting in easier cleaning, particularly when using rubs and marinades on your food. This is an industry first, and can only be found on Grillstream barbecues. 

Over the years Grillstream has grown to become one of the UK's largest barbecue brands, offering customers an amazing USP and becoming a firm favourite of barbecue lovers around the country. Grillstream continues to create market-leading and innovative products, recently launching their hybrid barbecue system, the first-ever dual fuel barbecue. This Grillstream hybrid system allows you to change between both gas and charcoal, or use both at the same time. The Grillstream hybrid system has the convenience of using gas with the option of also using charcoal. Light up the charcoal using the gas burners, removing the need to use messy lighter fuel. If you decide you want to cook on the charcoal, all you need to do is lift the grill and add the charcoal, using the gas burners to ignite it. This will provide you with that amazing chargrilled barbecue taste. All of Grillstream's classic and gourmet barbecues are available to purchase as hybrid barbecues. This makes for versatile cooking and allows barbecuers to test new cooking methods.

Grillstream has also introduced the gastro system, a versatile and multipurpose griddle for cooking, which can be used alongside the Grillstream pizza stone, wok and chicken roaster. The gastro system is added onto all 4 and 6-burner Grillstream barbecues and is ideal for cooking more delicate foods, particularly fish. The griddle is removable and can be replaced with other barbecue cooking tools such as the pizza stone and wok, which can be purchased separately.  

Innovation is at the heart of Grillstream, with each of their products pushing the boundaries, resulting in fresh new products that really capture the craft of good barbecuing, and leading them to become a barbecue favourite brand with their customers. Grillstream makes it easy for everyone to enjoy barbecuing and appreciate the smoky taste that their grills provide.