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    Alexander Rose garden furniture offers the customer a whole range of high-quality pieces to create a space of relaxation in your garden and outdoor spaces. Their focus on sustainable wooden pieces makes each of their garden furniture pieces top quality and ensures premium standards across all of their products. Their vision is to be recognised across Europe for the design and quality of their sustainable outdoor furniture. 

Alexander Rose

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Alexander Rose garden furniture offers the customer a whole range of high-quality pieces to create a space of relaxation in your garden and outdoor spaces. 

Alexander Rose create high-quality garden furniture with a focus on wooden pieces. Above all Alexander, Rose take pride in their environmental and ethical practices. Alexander Rose sustainably source all of their products along with ensuring they have good employee conditions that align with their beliefs and values. 

Alexander Rose know the story of all of their pieces, with their sustainable practices they know exactly where all of their materials come from, and how they were made. All of the timber they use in their timber products is sourced from well-managed forests while ensuring that they minimise the environmental impact of any other raw materials they use. 

Alexander Rose design all of their products and packaging to be as environmentally friendly as possible, with a focus on making each product as easy to recycle as possible. Alexander Rose also minimise the use of toxic chemicals in all of their garden furniture products and during their production practices. Alexander Rose also highlight to their consumers how to limit the impact they have on the environment by prolonging the longevity of their products through recommended maintenance. 

A range of oils and protectors can be bought alongside your garden furniture to make the maintenance of your garden furniture as easy and hassle-free as possible. Using oils on your Alexander Rose furniture will ensure that the garden furniture is kept in a good condition, allowing you to enjoy your Alexander Rose furniture for longer. 
As well as maintaining your garden furniture from Alexander Rose, it is also suggested to cover your furniture during the winter months to keep it protected from weathering. When covering your Alexander Rose garden furniture it is important to leave a space between the fabric of the cover and the garden furniture, to increase circulation and prevent mould. 

Alexander Rose ensure that their garden furniture does not compromise on quality or safety, providing the best high-quality furniture to their consumers. Alexander Rose's wooden furniture is produced in a factory in Bolivia, selling their wooden furniture across Europe in high-end retailers and across garden centres. 

Alexander Rose's wooden benches are the perfect spot to sit and relax in your garden all year round. Alexander Rose's garden benches are designed with comfort in mind. With ergonomically shaped backs, Alexander Rose wooden benches enhance your comfort and seating position, to make it more comfortable for sitting on for long periods. 

Alexander Rose wooden garden benches will create the perfect spot for your garden, giving you space to relax in style and comfort, whilst knowing the bench has not harmed the environment. 

With Alexander Rose furniture you can create the garden of your dreams, and relax in ultimate comfort on your Alexander Rose sustainable and high-quality furniture. Creating an area to dine, relax and catch up with friends in your back garden is now made easy with Alexander Rose garden furniture.