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All things Roses- Talk & Demonstration

All things Roses- Talk & Demonstration

Unlock the Secrets of Rose Care:  Are you ready to cultivate a garden filled with flourishing roses?

Dive into the world of all things roses and join us for an immersive workshop dedicated to the art of nurturing these timeless beauties!

What You'll Learn:

- Essential techniques for planting and pruning roses to promote healthy growth and abundant blooms.

- Insider tips on selecting the perfect varieties for your garden and climate.

- Proven strategies for controlling pests and diseases to keep your roses thriving year after year.

- The importance of proper watering, feeding, and mulching to maintain optimal soil health and nutrient levels.

Workshop Highlights:

- Hands-on demonstrations led by Pat our experienced horticulturalist who is passionate about roses.

- Q&A sessions to address all your burning questions and concerns about rose care.

- Access to Rose varieties and expert-recommended products to kickstart your rose-growing journey.

- Exclusive £5 voucher to spend on the day on Rose products (in-store)

Whether you're a seasoned gardener or just starting, our Rose Care Workshop is sure to inspire and empower you to create a stunning Rose garden that blooms with beauty and vitality. Join us and let's cultivate a world of roses together!

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