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We're pleased to confirm that Frosts is sponsoring The Family Wellbeing Programme!

This is an exciting new initiative devised by outdoor learning and wellbeing specialists, Wild for Life, aimed at parents, grandparents and primary carers of children aged 4-12 years old. 

Wild for Life, will deliver three sets of three 1hr long webinars for parents, grandparents and primary carers in July, which will focus on how to manage the wellbeing of their children, with a particular focus on the detrimental effects of lockdown.

The FREE webinars will demonstrate how outdoor environments and activities can be a catalyst for better mental and physical wellbeing.

The Family Wellbeing Programme webinars will take place over three days, with activities to complete in between sessions, and will cover:

  • How to assess your own wellbeing.
  • How to assess, understand and improve your children’s wellbeing.
  • Outdoor and nature-led activities to try with your children to help them understand and reflect on their thoughts and feelings.
  • How and when to seek help.


Lockdown has had a huge impact on wellbeing: for some it has been a positive experience, but for others it has been a complex juggling act, a strain on finances and relationships and period of uncertainty, stress and frustration. Children will be greatly unsettled by this period as they have had their regular routines turned upside down and, often, they struggle to process and express their thoughts and emotions. 

The free webinars will equip parents and carers with the tools they need to assess and improve the wellbeing of their families in order to move forward out of lockdown positively.

They will also encourage and inspire families to explore, discover and reap the benefits of spending quality time outdoors in gardens and local natural landscapes.