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Shrubs are garden plants that remain above the ground in winter. Bushes or shrubs adorn your garden all year round. Just as most garden plants die off in the autumn and spend the winter underground, shrubs remain above ground in winter. When purchasing a shrub it is important to know what properties it has. Some shrubs can be quite high. Take this into account if you want to plant a certain shrub in your garden

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Planting a shrub

When planting new shrubs we always recommend digging a large planting hole and mixing the soil that comes out with fresh potting soil or planting soil. This ensures that your plant has a great start to ground well in its brand new spot in your garden!

Can the rainwater drain sufficiently (sandy soil), so that the plant is not too wet, or does the soil have to retain the water (clay), because the plant needs a lot of water? With compost you can improve the structure of the soil according to your needs, so that optimal soil is created for your plants.

Reasons why you should prune your shrub?

It is also important to prune your shrub to keep the plant healthy. Besides that, pruning has some more benefits. These are the most important reasons why you should prune your shrub:

  • You want to achieve a better shape and way of growing shrubs
  • The bushes or shrubs become too big
  • Remove too low-hanging or sagging branches
  • To improve the health of shrubs (always remove what is dead, weak and sick)
  • To stimulate the flowering of shrubs
  • For more, better and bigger fruits

There are a lot of different shrubs - the most popular are: Camellia, Spiraea, Viburnum burkwoodii, Philadelphus especially Belle Etoile and Japanese Maples. 

Please ask any colleague in our Frosts Garden Centres for more information and advice about our shrubs. Our garden centres are located in Woburn Sands, Willington, Millets Farm and Brampton. We hope to see you soon!