Green houseplants

Green houseplants are back again completely. The advantage of green plants is that they require little care. At Frosts Garden Centres you can find them in all shapes and sizes. For example, create green groups with a number of small cacti, succulents and two larger plants of different heights, which gives a nice playful effect!

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Popular houseplants

There are many different green houseplants. Which one do you like the most? These are the most popular green houseplants:

  • Monstera: the beautiful Monstera is a very popular plant to create a real urban jungle look in the house. The most fascinating thing about the plant is that the young leaves are heart-shaped. Because of its air-purifying properties, Monstera also helps create a pleasant living environment in the home.
  • Calathea: enjoy the Calathea with our care tips for a long time, despite the fact that this houseplant is more difficult to maintain than an average houseplant. Do not stop, because it is one of the most air-purifying houseplants. The Calathea is known for its moving leaves and is therefore also called 'Living Plant'.
  • Spathiphyllum: with its green, shiny leaves, creamy white spike and pointed bract, the Spathiphyllum is a real beauty. But don’t judge this houseplant only on her appearance. This houseplant is also known for its air purifying character. In that pure air you feel better and perform better. Breath in breath out!
  • Nephrolepsis: the Nephrolepis is a strong fare, which even thrives in dark corners. Many curly ferns have single or multiple pinnate leaves, with an abundance of frills and frizz. Some hybrids have such fine, branched leaves that they appear to curl.

Houseplants_Frost Garden Centres

How to care for your houseplant

Water your beautiful green plants regularly and in the growing period once every two weeks. It will be clear that not all plants in your home have the same moisture absorption. Never give water if the soil of the houseplant is still wet. In addition, special plant food is focused on green plants; with leaf spray the leaves get extra shine, of course this spray is not suitable for "hairy" leaves but for example for Ficus varieties.

Spoil your houseplants with a spray scent from the plant spray or put them outside in the garden during a mild rain shower. Just like with people, plants can also become ill, an important reason for this is that too much water is given, so do not give each plant the same amount of water without thinking. If variegated leaves turn green, the location is still too dark for the plant.

Please ask the staff in our Frosts Garden Centres for more information and advice about our houseplants. Our garden centres are located in Woburn Sands, Willington, Millets Farm and Brampton. We hope to see you soon! You can find our opening hours on our contact page.