A beautiful houseplant needs an amazing container. The flowerpot is the living room of the plant. It is therefore important that the roots feel good in this space. Our flower pots are available in many different colours, sizes and materials.

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Container materials

Flower pots come in many different sizes and colors, but also materials:

  • Plastic: plastic flower boxes and pots are popular because they are very robust and easy to maintain. Plastic pots for plants are now available in countless colours and shapes. In contrast to natural products, plastic is not breathable. This again avoids rapid evaporation of the irrigation water and protects your plants against dehydration.
  • Stoneware: ceramics flower pots for indoors are suitable for any interior. It is a good basis to place a beautiful flowering houseplant or green houseplant. We have many different types of ceramic flower pots for indoors that vary in colour, size or shape. What is so nice about ceramic flower pots is that they are easy to decorate yourself. 
  • Glass: glass containers are beautiful in combination with a bunch of flowers. These exude luxury and provide atmosphere in the home. Especially plants that need little soil do well in a glass jar, think for example of an orchid. Maybe a separate combination, but it is beautiful in any interior.

Visit our Frosts Garden Centres for our complete range of flower pots. We also offer containers for outside!

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The potting of new plants

If you just bought a beautiful flower box in your home, then you want to put plants in there immediately. Here you will find a small step-by-step plan with the best way to approach this:

  • Before you start planting, clean the pots and trays with clean water.
  • Look if the drainage holes are completely free. Place a pot shard over each hole or place a finger thick layer of puffed clay granules.
  • First, apply a layer of potting soil. Beat the young plants from the pots without damaging the root ball. Put them on the first layer of potting soil.
  • Fill the flower pot with potting soil and press well. Make sure that there is a 2 cm pouring edge at the top. Give plenty of water. If necessary, you can supplement the potting soil.

Please ask the staff in our Frosts Garden Centres for more information and advice about our containers. Our garden centres are located in Woburn Sands, Willington, Millets Farm and Brampton. We hope to see you soon! You can find our opening hours on our contact page.