Colourful Cacti

Are you looking for a houseplant that will fit in a modern interior? Then a Cactus is the perfect plant for you.  The cactus is a succulent, a plant that is able to store water for a certain time. This way they can easily survive an upcoming drought period. These tough guys are therefore suitable for every plant lover!
Cactus_Frost Garden Centre

Strong plant

Most cacti come from North, Central and South America. They grow there in their natural environment:  

  • Deserts
  • Steppes
  • Mountain slopes
  • Jungles
  • Tropical rainforests

This does indicate that the cactus easily adapts to the living conditions with which it is confronted. It is therefore not surprising that the cactus is very easy to care for. They can be in full sun and are fond of the dry air from the central heating. An ideal plant for our well-insulated houses.

An occasional splash

The amount of water depends on the size of the plant and the period of the year. No water or very little water is sufficient from November to March. Place the cactus in a cooler place in the house, because of this, the cactus goes into survival mode and there is a chance that it will bloom again! From March you can give more water again; a shoot once every three or four weeks. Allow the soil to dry out completely afterwards. When in doubt; prefer not to water. When too much water threatens rotting danger from the roots and the cactus is very sensitive to.

Cactus_Frost Garden Centre

Combine your Cacti

The Cactus family is a colourful collection of real eyecatchers! They excel in their remarkable shapes, decorative spines and brightly coloured flowers. You can combine endlessly with a Cactus.  Do not choose one mini Cactus, but group several different types together in a large scale. Do you want to go back to his roots? Then put it in a terracotta pot. The color of the pottery arouses the heat of the desert. With one large cactus in a prominent place you make a statement in your interior!

Please ask the staff in our Frosts Garden Centres for more information and advice about our Cacti. Our garden centres are located in Woburn Sands, Willington, Millets Farm and Brampton. We hope to see you soon! You can find our opening hours on our contact page.