Accent Tables

High quality accent tables are a great contribution to any room or conservatory. Coffee tables, side tables, writing desks – accent tables come in many shapes, sizes and styles. They are multifunctional and add to the style of the space, creating the desired ambience.

Whether you want to furnish a romantic conservatory or a modern living room, at Frosts Garden Centres we have the right accent tables and other furniture pieces for the interior of your house. Look into our wide range of furniture pieces in our webshop or visit our garden centre in Woburn Sands, Brampton, Willington or Millets Farm.

Different types of accent tables

Accent tables are relatively small tables that complement the furniture of the room and draw attention to the interior design. To create a pleasurable space, the accent tables should add to the style of the room and possibly even the house. There are three main types of accent tables:

  • Coffee tables;
  • Side tables;
  • Console tables.

Yet, there are many more types of accent tables, such as writing desks. All of them have their own purpose, advantages and disadvantages. Which accent table is the best pick for you depends on the available space you have and the function you want it to fulfil.

Coffee tables, side tables and console tables

Coffee tables are well-known and bigger type of accent tables. They are lower to the ground and often placed in front of a couch or chair. Side tables are often much smaller than coffee tables and higher, namely the same height as the couch. This makes the side table an easy place to put things you often use in the couch area, like a book, or to place decorative items, such as indoor plants. Console tables are smaller and taller tables, often placed in the corridor of the main entrance. This is often the first piece of furniture guests see, which is why it is important to choose one you like and preferably in the style of your house. Another use of the console table is as a side table next to a couch or in the bedroom.

Frosts accent tables

The accent tables in our assortment are from our own brand Frosts. At Frosts Garden Centres we have over seventy years of experience in the production and sale of quality plants and we have now launched our own furniture collection. We strive to provide people with high quality products and an excellent customer service:

  • All our furniture pieces and accessories are made with an eye for detail;
  • Frosts furniture does not only come in trendy designs, but also in timeless styles, such as the elegant French style side table;
  • Our accent tables and other products are already delivered within seven working days, unless otherwise notified;
  • Our representatives are present six days a week to provide you with assistance in one of the Frosts Garden Centres or help you with choosing the right furniture for you over the phone.

Take a look at our wide range of accent tables and other furniture pieces and accessories in our webshop, our products are quickly and easily ordered.