Grow Your Own Weekend: 4th & 5th May

Join us at Woburn Sands and Millets Farm for a weekend celebrating all things Grow Your Own! 

Plus, on Saturday 4th May at Woburn Sands and Sunday 5th May at Millets Farm we’ll be joined by the Two Thirsty Gardeners, authors of the book ‘Brew It Yourself’ between 12-3pm in our plant area.  They'll be taking customers on a Grow Your Own Drinks Journey from teas and tonics, to gins and beers.  With free samples available you won’t want to miss out – and you too can become an expert in turning garden plants into garden drinks!

Meet the Two Thirsty Gardeners

Rich and Nick began making their own cider in 2008, pilfering apples from anyone with a tree and fermenting them in Rich’s garden shed. Four years later they acquired a neglected, overgrown allotment plot strewn with litter and without a patch of bare earth in sight. The first thing to get planted was an apple tree… 

Check out their website for their battles with voracious slugs, destructive weeds and unexplained yeast infections as they produce a fresh vegetable harvest and turn some of the fruits of their labour into alcohol.