Wooden Furniture

Have you ever thought of wooden furniture in your garden?  With a wooden garden set on your patio or balcony, you will create a warm, cosy and natural atmosphere.

At Frosts Garden Centres, we offer a wide range of different wooden garden furniture. Visit our Frosts Garden Centres and try out our wooden furniture and more!

Benefits of wooden garden furniture

Are you thinking about getting yourself wooden garden furniture for your garden? Do you like warm colours and natural materials? Then wooden garden furniture is the right choice for you. Here are some benefits:

  • It has a beautiful natural and authentic look.

  • It’s very robust, durable and with the right care you will enjoy it for a long time to come.

  • It doesn’t get very hot in the sun.

  • Wood, depending on the trends and personal taste, can be dyed in all colours.

  • In contrast to discoloured plastic garden furniture, discoloured wooden garden furniture can always be treated again.

It’s also nice to add some garden decoration to your garden, like a Gazebo. Not only is a Gazebo functional, it also adds that little something extra to the style of your garden. 

Maintenance wooden furniture
Whether you have hardwood garden furniture or teak wood, it is wise to maintain the wooden furniture pieces with great care. If you take good care of your wooden garden furniture, you can enjoy it for a longer period. Keeping the wood clean ensures that mosses and algae do not get attached and that the wood will not get affected. You can maintain the wooden garden furniture by cleaning it regularly with soapy water or a wood cleaner. You can also find wood cleaner at Frosts Garden Centres. Giving wooden garden furniture a quick rinse will usually get rid of most of the dirt.  You can clean the wooden garden furniture by brushing the persistent dirt off with a hard brush and a good wood cleaner.

Wooden furniture assortment

At Frosts Garden Centres we offer a wide range of different wooden furniture, so come and visit us to take a look. Among others, you’ll find wooden lounge sets, bistro sets and dining sets in our collection. A couple of our popular wooden garden furniture products are the Rose Hill Bistro and the Kingswood Dining Set. Want to try before you buy? Then head down to one of our centres where our staff would love to provide you with more information and give advice about the range of garden furniture we have. We hope to see you very soon at  Frosts Garden Centres, where you will find our complete range of wooden furniture!