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The right parasols provide shade and protection from the sun during the hottest hours. During or after a day of full sun, a cool shade is often more than welcome.

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The benefits of a parasol

Are you looking for a parasol in your garden? Here are some reasons why a parasol is essential:

·        A parasol for protection from the sun: The main function of a parasol is providing protection from the sun. You have to make sure that you protect your skin from the harmful effects of the sun.

·        A parasol for a nice atmosphere: Besides providing protection, a parasol gives a nice and cosy look to your garden or terrace.

·        A parasol against the rain: Imagine dining with friends or family and suddenly it starts raining.

·        Would a parasol be a great addition to your garden? Then shop our parasols now online at Frosts Garden Centres or visit one of our Frosts Garden Centres! Our staff would love to provide you with more information and give advice about the best garden furniture pieces and accessories for you. We hope to welcome you very soon to one of our garden centres, where you’ll find our complete assortment of parasols!