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Are you looking for a container for your plants? Then you are at the right place at Frosts Garden Centre. Flower pots look great indoor on the windowsill, or in the corner of the room with a large plant.  Almost all flower pots are weather and frost resistant and therefore suitable for both indoors and outdoors.

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Flower pots are made of various different materials - most popular are clay or terracotta, but there are also:

  • Plastic flowerpots
  • Fiberglass flowerpots
  • Polyrotan flowerpots
  • Polyrazzo flowerpots
  • Ceramic flowerpots

Container size

In addition to the shape of a flower pot, the size of a flower pot is also very important for the growth of a plant. A flowerpot ideally has a diameter that is the same size as the height of a plant. This does not apply to all plants, for example, roses have long roots so a deep and narrow pot suites them best. When choosing the flower pot always first decide which plant it will be used for. Think about how much the plant is going to grow in the coming period or whether the roots have many branches or maybe grow straight down. Make sure that the root of the plant is five to ten centimetres from the edge of the flowerpot.


Re-potting is important to keep your plant healthy and makes your plant grow! Fresh potting soil provides the plant with a boost of nutrients. You do not have to give a plant food for the first few weeks or months (depending on the quality of the soil). In addition, if there's more soil in its new pot it creates a larger water buffer. Finally, fresh ground is lighter than the old soil, which gives the roots a little more breathing space. Just what a plant needs after a long, cold and dark winter.

Please ask any colleague in our Frosts Garden Centres for more information and advice about the range of containers we have in stock. Our garden centres are located in Woburn Sands, Willington, Millets Farm and Brampton. We hope to see you soon!