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Kitchen Garden Planter Workshop

Kitchen Garden Planter Workshop

Are you ready to cultivate your own fresh produce right in your kitchen? Join us for an exciting workshop led by the renowned gardening expert, Pat from Foliage and Fern, and learn how to create a beautiful and functional kitchen garden planter!

In this engaging workshop, Pat will guide you through the process of designing and planting your very own kitchen garden planter. From selecting the perfect herbs and vegetables to arranging them in a visually appealing layout, you'll gain hands-on experience and expert advice to kickstart your culinary garden journey.

- Choosing the right herbs, vegetables, and companion plants for your kitchen garden

- Container gardening techniques for optimal plant health and productivity

- Designing a functional and aesthetically pleasing kitchen garden planter

- Tips for maintaining and harvesting your kitchen garden year-round

- Creative ideas for incorporating your homegrown produce into delicious meals

Don't miss this unique opportunity to create your own kitchen garden planter and get ready to transform your kitchen into a culinary paradise!

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